With our referral system, intended for Privigo Club members, let your friends benefit from an exceptional discount on ski hire, while collecting points for your annual gift voucher.

What is it all about?

Are you already a member of the Club? To allow your friends to benefit from exceptional discounts on ski hire, all you need to do, is give your referral code (9-digit number). This has been given to you at the time of joining the Club, or when your latest gift voucher was sent to you (see an example). This number allows our online reservation module to monitor your referrals. If you cannot find your referral code, please contact us, our team will send it to you by email as soon as possible.

How do I get my friends to benefit from it?

To get your friends to benefit from it, don’t hesitate, and enter your REFERRAL CODE. At the first step of booking equipment online on our module, all you need to do, is fill in the field provided for this purpose (promotional code) and there you go! To make it easier, invite your friends with our referral app. In a few clicks, enter your friends’ email addresses, your referral code, customise your message and off we go! Your referrals will receive a personalised email and they will only have to click on it to get the best rates on ski hire!

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An offer for pros?

If you are a tourism professional (hotel staff, estate agent, letting agent), discover our referral programme intended for professionals.

The pro programme

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